My photography is mostly of nature and wildlife. And being a retired veterinarian, my interest in animal photography should be of no surprise. I see animal photography as a way of bringing more than just color or design to a wall but rather a dimension of personality as well. The animal close-ups especially demonstrate that phenomenon. The close-up view enables one to see the natural features that are usually missed in real life due to all the movement and surrounding distractions. In effect, a "personality" seems to appear. My goal is to capture this "personality" in an artistic fashion that can be displayed in a person's home for regular enjoyment.


My interest in animal art is directed more toward wildlife rather than toward the more common domestic animals. While they usually present a challenge to photograph, I find the images to be far more fascinating. Additionally, the photography creates an environmental awareness that may even translate into improving animal welfare, especially for the African species. Through environmental abuse, habitat destruction, poaching and other human interactions the future of many of these animals is in doubt. This special photography of these species can provide a chance to enjoy their being and hopefully they will survive. 

 I am a juried artist for the Greater St. Louis Art Association and the Best Of Missouri Hands.



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